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Engineering Services

What We Offer

Structural Engineering

Our hardworking team applies engineering concepts to analyse, design, detail and draw buildings’ structural elements.

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To provide superior results for our clients, our team works meticulously with associated designers and architects and helps seamlessly integrate structural elements into building designs.

Excavation Shoring and Geostructural Design

We design temporary supports and facilitate deep excavations in proximity of buildings or areas in need of protection. Furthermore, our team provides designs of earth-retaining structures, such as silos, underground bunkers, basements lowering and underpinning, and concrete repairs.

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Construction Engineer

Site Reviews and Inspection

GAE provides general construction reviews for structural elements, concrete structures reinforcing installations prior to pour, steel elements and wood framing progress and final reviews.

Project Administration

To ensure a coordinated construction phase, we assist developers and contractors to interpret design concepts and documentation, review shop drawings, examine substitutions and alternative solutions.

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Additions, Alterations and Renovation

Our firm provides renovation structural designs starting from simple wall removal to complex renovations for residential and commercial buildings (parts of buildings removed or shored, single and multistory additions, new structural supports).

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